The ETDC (Educational Technology Development Center) works to problem-solve and improve educational resources available for our Professors. We partner with the TLC (Teaching and Learning Center) and IT to make innovative engagement accessible across our in-person and distance classes.


ETDC Mission:

The Educational Technology Development Center (ETDC) supports the mission of the A. T. Still Memorial Library by providing faculty support for educational technologies, exploring new technologies that further strengthen the University’s ability to provide quality education, and cultivating innovative technological resource use by faculty to promote the ATSU Core Professional Attributes through more engaged learning.


Kirsty Gaither

Kirsty is the director fo the Educational Technology Development Center (ETDC) at A.T. Still University. She received her BA at Stanford University and from there went to the University of Oklahoma to complete a dual Masters in History of Science, Medicine and Technology and Library and Information Studies. She’s currently in the final stages her doctoral dissertation on how women in eighteenth-century England learned science and medicine through cooking. Kirsty loves everything related to education technology and she’s always looking for innovative ways to capture and display information.