5 Visual Design Best Practices for your Online Lecture

We’ve taken the E-Learing Blog’s 5 Visual Presentation Mistakes and made them relevant for the online lecture.

1: Scale Your Images

This should be an easy fix, but be careful when you drag images to re-size them. Keeping the original scale of your images helps to create clear, engaging visuals.

scale image from corner to maintain aspect ratio

The fix is to drag it from the corner to scale it and preserve its aspect ratio. It most apps, you hold the SHIFT key and drag to keep it locked while you scale it up or down.

2: Help your Audience Focus, Visually

Using bolded font, or a clear design to focus the eye helps make important information stand out on your slides. Without bolded or larger font, your students will scan across the screen in a Z pattern. You can use this tendency to help organize your information, but try to use large chunks of text without a focus piece sparingly.

z pattern when scanning screen

Here are two good fixes:

3: Keep a Consistent Visual Style

Try not to overload your slides with a massive mix of font colors, sizes and slide designs. Sticking with an overall color scheme can help to tie in your presentation as a cohesive unit.

Other elements of visual inconsistency are:

style guide for e-learning


4: Create Visual Hierarchy

This ties in to point number two, but ensure that key themes and points in your lecture are given the same amount of weight. This will help to establish them as thematic elements.

visual hierarchy adds context and makes it easier to scan

The e-Learning Blog recommends  creating a simple style guide with headings, sub-headings, and body text.

5:  Align your Content

Without a clear set of organization or alignment your presentation can look sloppy. As a rule of thumb try to keep your items justified and aligned beneath your central title, or centered down the middle.

alignment woes in e-learning

This is easy to fix:

  • Have consistent margins.
  • Align objects, left justified is the most common. If you switch the justification, have a reason why.
  • Extra space between groups helps communicate that they’re grouped.
  • A lot of people use a grid system to keep onscreen objects aligned.



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