Snapchat Glasses- A New Clinical Education Tool?

Snapchat recently announced the launch of their Google Glass alternative “Snapchat Spectacles.” These $129.99 glasses record 115* HD pictures and videos  from the viewer’s perspective from a wide lens camera to create a relatively high definition panoramic. These cameras interface directly with Snapchat storing video until you are in Wi-Fi range. More importantly, the interface is designed to show the videos in their original recording position, regardless of how the screen they are viewed in is tilted. This anchoring feature is similar to the 360* picture and videos that Facebook supports.

So how could the next wearable technology fad help in clinical settings? The improved video capture and direct interface with the viewing software for mainstream audiences suggests that this technology will soon be widely accessible. The 115 degree HD video from a user’s perspective could be an invaluable tool for perspective-based training. Although Snapchat is not a platform we’d recommend using for training, the concept of teaching within 90 seconds, or a longer video that combines the 90 second snaps, helps to transform educational information into small, manageable pieces. For now you can download your snaps from Snapchat and edit them into a LMS compatible video. We’d recommend keeping an eye out for future uses of these or similar video capture glasses that will allow you to record longer videos in the same 115 degree HD quality.



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